KidStuff Coupon Books Privacy Policy

Personal Information

KidStuff Coupon Books (“KidStuff”) treats the personal information you provide such as name, mailing addresses (including email), and telephone numbers (“Personal Information”) as private and confidential.

Use of Personal Information

Personal Information and the content of communications with KidStuff are used by KidStuff to provide the products and services you requested, to process payment, and to make you aware of marketing and promotional opportunities offered through KidStuff. Personal Information is not shared with third parties, unless you specifically consent to the transfer of such information, or the release of such information is required by law. Personal Information is not sold by KidStuff.


By use of our website and communication with KidStuff by e-mail or otherwise, you consent to KidStuff’s use of your Personal Information as described in this KidStuff Privacy Policy. You may revoke your consent at any time by writing the KidStuff Privacy Officer at KidStuff Coupon Books, 6520 Stonegate Drive, Allentown, PA 18106.