We Love Raising Money for Education!

KidStuff School Testimonials

We love KidStuff! It’s a consistently good fundraiser and is easy and convenient for our families. We send books home and parents enjoy the savings immediately. We’ve been running the sale for many years and parents look forward to receiving the new book every fall!

Holy Guardian Angels Regional School

The KidStuff fundraiser couldn’t have been easier! KidStuff provided all of the materials needed for the sale, along with specific directions on how to execute the sale to raise the most money. Our families loved knowing they will ultimately save money, while helping their child’s school raise money! It was definitely a WIN-WIN for our community!

Dutch Ridge Elementary

KidStuff is a great way to earn money for your school and the coupons are great! Families who buy them, get their money back and then some! We were thrilled with the amount of money it raised compared to the amount of effort it took.It’s easy, no stress, and the KidStuff staff is fabulous and friendly!Extra orders arrived at the school quickly, and did I mention THERE IS NO STRESS! I would highly recommend this fundraiser to every school!

George H Potter Elementary

The KidStuff fundraiser was a success and it was so easy for me to do the work! All I did was follow the easy step-by-step instructions and everything I needed was included. The parents appreciated being able to look at the book and see what was offered! I would like to do it again next year!

Churchill Child Center

We’ve had a very positive experience with our KidStuff book fundraising campaign. Families are excited about the opportunity to not only raise funds for the school, but also pass on huge savings to their friends and families through KidStuff books! The customer service at KidStuff cannot be beat. The representatives always make us feel like the success of our campaign matters to them, and they really are there to help! Thank you for another successful year!

Lebanon Catholic School

The KidStuff sale was a success and was totally worth it! Communication was phenomenal. All questions were answered before I even asked them. Assembling the fundraiser was extremely easy. I followed the provided instructions and used the labels to keep track of the books. The money raised helped defray costs for our senior prom!

Columbia High School

KidStuff was the easiest fundraiser! The KidStuff company sends you all the materials and provides step-by-step instructions to run a successful sale! Their staff is so helpful and friendly, and you receive reminder emails that help you stay organized. This was our first year selling KidStuff Coupon Books and we are so pleased with its success! Thank you KidStuff!

Center School

Choosing KidStuff has become a huge success for us! The KidStuff instructions and the staff walking us through every part of the fundraiser made it EXTREMELY EASY! Our principal was concerned for the ‘actual’ book to be sent home, but it turned out to be the right thing to do. With the money raised, we can now give our students fun and educational support provided by our Home and School Association!

St. James School

Our families were very excited to buy KidStuff books! The materials were all prepared for us including very easy social media ideas to send to our families to help promote our sale. We sold so many books and exceeded our goal! We were able to put our money towards new classroom laptops and have some left for a field trip!

F. J. Dutile Elementary

We are ecstatic with the outcome of our KidStuff fundraiser and had record sales! We had great success promoting this sale on social media and our school’s website. The 50% profit was the icing on the cake for us!

Ironbound Catholic Academy

I have been active in fundraising for a few years
and KidStuff was the best, most organized and staff-friendly fundraiser I have worked with. We raised a lot of money for our school!!

Maple East Elementary

We are so happy with the amount of money we earned and so were the fifth grade teachers! I was blown away that we almost doubled our goal! It’s a fundraiser that will continue to save money for families all year long!

Aronimink Elementary

KidStuff is very easy to run and very streamlined. Families buy multiple books to support our school. We advertise on our PTO website and send email reminders to parents about the sale. Our sales have increased each year for the past 3 years!

Brookside Elementary

KidStuff is an expected fundraiser and our families look forward to it every year. We love to save money! Families love the sell 5 books and get one free. We sell to family members in other areas. The PTA likes the $5000 plus in our account due to KidStuff. KidStuff is fabulous to work with and does not charge us for any missing or damaged books!

M. F. Atchison Elementary

Our school does well each and every year using KidStuff and we’ve been using it for many years. If you have kids, then this is the fundraiser for you! Everyone feels that the book is a great value! KidStuff definitely exceeds our school’s expectations!

B. F. Gibbs Elementary

We had a successful sale! I had nothing but wonderful, positive feedback from parents and teachers about how great and applicable to surrounding areas the coupon books were and how they enjoyed getting something worthwhile in return for their fundraising contribution!

Independence Elementary

I have been running the sale at our school since 2012, and our families really love the money-saving coupons. Parents love the Free Book Program. Sending books home tremendously helps promote the sale, and we use Facebook and email to successfully advertise the fundraiser!

Gibson’s Kidstown Childcare

KidStuff is an easy fundraiser! After selling KidStuff for so many years, people come back to us to buy their books because they know our band is always selling! We posted our sale on our school website and parents posted on Facebook and we got more orders!

Rancocas Valley Regional High School Band

KidStuff really appeals to our parents. We do 3 big fundraisers a year. KidStuff was brought on as a supplemental fundraiser and is now one of our major fundraisers!

Swasey Central School

Parents are able to see the books and they know it’s a win-win for them and for the school! Parents really step up when we do this fundraiser. We also like doing the sale every year so we can use both the current edition coupons and the next edition coupons!

St. John of the Cross

This was definitely the easiest fundraiser I have ever run…And I have run a lot!

All-Star Preschool

I liked how easy this fundraiser was! The combination of the contents of the book and how it is categorized makes it easy to use! KidStuff absolutely exceeded all our expectations and goals! We emailed the social media link to help parents sell books! KidStuff has the best customer service!

Belmont Middle

KidStuff is an easy fundraiser and we do very well every year! Our parents are anxious to buy each year. Parents and our staff love KidStuff and how easy it is to raise money for the school!

The Jefferson School

Families and teachers are very receptive toward KidStuff. The big selling point is that the fundraiser is quick, organized, simple, and well laid out. We used emails and our school Facebook page to successfully promote the sale!

Strong Foundations Charter School

I was thrilled with the results of our KidStuff sale! The book is geared toward kids of all ages! Our middle school raised a very impressive amount too!

Charlton Elementary, Heritage Elementary, and Charlton Middle

Our teachers and school families LOVE the KidStuff books. Our PTA really likes the 50% profit, and appreciates how organized the KidStuff sale is!

Catherine A. Dwyer Elementary

KidStuff is an amazing program and everyone loves the books! This is our first time running a KidStuff sale. By far, this is becoming a local favorite coupon book in the Rochester, NY area! You are all amazing to work with and it has been a pleasure promoting KidStuff!

Lakeshore Elementary

The main reason we do this fundraiser is that it is easy and the parents like it! Families said they keep KidStuff in their car to make sure they have the coupons available at all times!

Christie’s Carousel of Learning

KidStuff is one of the fundraisers with the biggest return for 8th grade students to earn money toward their class trip! Who doesn’t love coupons?

Ridgedale Middle

This was my first year running the sale and I’ve already offered to run it again next year because it is very easy! Our families enjoy the variety of coupons and like that the book is so compact. We had great success in promoting the sale using both social media and our school website!

Holy Family

KidStuff is a phenomenal sale and the company is phenomenal! We used Facebook to promote our sale and made a great profit for our 5th grade!

Parliament Place Elementary